6 steps to Being a Business Celebrity

Image of red carpet on stairsWorked through in order you build up an action and marketing plan to make you and your business stand out in your market – or a new market if that’s your plan!

KNOW your personality, and realise it's all you need to succeed.

  1. You must have a strong business personality but you already do – you are unique and that’s enough. Know what is authentic to you and what sets you apart and that’s your personality.
  2. Find out exactly what makes you unique, what is going to set you apart from the competition (hint – it's you!). You’ll need to look closely at what you do, who you are, what’s different. So you’ll need to look at your experience, approach, ideas, hobbies and loves.  Find out who you are and define the unique detail.
  3. Define what your business personality looks and feels like. Spell out what it means and your values. Crystallise who you are. What does your business personality look and feel like in words, colours, pictures, clothes and media. It’s about the whole package of ‘you’.
  4. Tell everyone about you. Share your story. Convey and communicate your personality – get the words to use, the imagery – the details. Do you film it, blog it, write it, present it? Make sure how you showcase your business story fits with your personality.
  5. Plug your personality into your business: This is about integration. It’s about how you add your personality to your brand, your team, your marketing, your website, everything! This is the marketing part. Use your website, online marketing, social media, networking, speaking, PR and more to turn personality into business results.
  6. Use the power of celebrity to draw people to you. This is about attracting loyal fans like a ‘celebrity’. When you’re a celebrity it means you’re not a commodity any more. You aren’t the same as everyone else. YOU bring something different. So you can charge what you choose, work in the way you want to, and with the people you want to. You are known and sought after – that’s the ‘pull’ of a celebrity, not the ‘push’ of marketing campaign after campaign.
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