About Lucy

Portrait of LucyI'm Lucy Whittington and I'm a Manager of Business Celebrities.

I help people Find their Thing and Get Famous for it.

I used to think I was a marketer (technically I still am) but really what my Thing is, is seeing other people's Thing and showing them how to use it to stand out and get noticed with a super charged business.

You know how when you're at that stage in your business where you'd like to be bigger than you are right now (especially if you're just starting out). You want clients to come to you because it's really clear how you're different that your ideal clients know that you're the best person who does what you do. Well what I do is show you how to stand out for what you do that's brilliant - your 'Thing' - by getting you to own and communicate what it is that you do that's different.

Once people find their Thing I show them how to get a Fame Name that gets them noticed (fast!), tell their story and use their PSP (Personality Selling Point) so its their best salesperson, have their own system that delivers what they 'do', and a star plan that puts their business on track for being all it can be (and is just perfect for them).

I help people stand out, get noticed, and get unstuck and move forward in a way that's easy, fun and totally authentic.

A business celebrity is anyone who knows they are the difference in their business, and I know I'm the difference in mine. Only I do what I do in the way I do it.

I’m there to guide, support, encourage and announce your business celebrity to the world. It’s going to help your business, it’s going to help you, and it’s going to help everyone who needs what you do.

My Mission is to get as many people doing their Thing as possible. The world needs everyone to be doing what they are brilliant at and not what they are good at.

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