Yes, it’s that infamous time ‘on’ your business instead of ‘in’ it I’m talking about…

But if you’re anything like me, you sometimes need to be encouraged/forced to sit down, ponder and plan. So that’s what this Day of 2020 Things is all about.

Think reviewing, planning, pondering, asking questions, getting ideas, being made to ‘pick a Thing’, encouragement, meeting other lovely people and finding out about their plans (and who knows they might work quite nicely with yours) and you’re pretty much onto the agenda for the day. It will be entirely up to you how detailed you want to get on the day. If you’re a spreadsheets and Gantt chart person, fill your boots; if you’re a ‘theme a month’ person written in different colour pens with doodles, then you’re also very welcome.

mini calendar

What I’ll be encouraging is clarity, however that looks for you

Numbers if you want to do your numbers on the day – headline ones at least will be requested.

We’ll absolutely make sure you know WHAT you’ll be selling next year, WHO to and for HOW MUCH.

I used to be quite naughty and wait ’til my Birthday in January to take a day out to review last year and plan the next, but by that time we’d be over 2 weeks into the year and, that’s almost 5% of the year gone already.

What you want to be is ready… to stride headlong into the new year, clear on your plans, your objectives and your actions after having had a nice bit of time out over the holidays. So the beginning of December works out nicely.

A sheet of note paper and a pencil

The Day

It’s not going to be a structured day of teaching (if you know me, you’ll know the teaching comes as answers to questions all day long), but I’ll make sure there is enough of an agenda so that plans get planned.

Take this as a chance to book that day out ‘on’ your business, meet some other lovely people, and leave with a clear idea of what you want to do in 2020 (the level of detail is up to you!).


Monday 2nd December

9am registration for a 9.30 start

Through to 5pm
(when the bar may beckon)


Tower of London hotel

40 Trinity Square
St Katharine’s & Wapping
London EC3N 4DJ

What's included

Lunch, and all refreshments throughout the day
(and we’ll cater for most whims if you have them!)

My attention on your Thing thoughts to help you clarify them for 2020


40 Trinity Square, St Katharine's & Wapping, London EC3N 4DJ, UK

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Who's going

Anyone with a business who recognises the value of knowing where they’re going and wants some ideas and encouragement on how to get there.

This day isn’t for working out your Thing (refining or rejigging maybe) – it’s a business planning day, so you’ll need a business to plan for.

(If you’d like help working out your Thing, let’s talk about that separately)

Book Now

If you’d like to join us for Your 2020 Things, book your place here:

£100 (+VAT)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you running other events?

I’m pretty ‘ad hoc’ with my events, so this is the only one in the diary at the moment.

Will I be able to plan ALL my 2020 in one day?

The aim of the day is for you to be very clear on your focus and key outcomes for 2020. That will probably look like a short list of ‘must dos’ or results you want. The day is designed for ideas, discussion, feedback and ways to do things, so you can be clear on who for and how to work in 2020, too. You’ll probably want to take a little extra time after the day to add in all the action details (but if you know them on the day, of course, add them to your plan!).

I have dietary/other requirements – can you cater for these?

Yes, of course, we’ll do our best and work with the venue to accommodate any requirements you have (and let you know if we can’t). Do let us know as soon as you book your ticket so we have time to get things organised for you.