Lucy Whittington - Helping with your Thing

Who’s invited?

You! Whether you are doing your Thing, or wanting to find what that is, but you know you want to get ‘out there’ in a bigger/clearer/smarter/more ‘some-thing’ way, then you are invited.

2 months to Thing is 2 months of getting you set up and launching yourself and your Thing out into the world.

It’s for guidance, ideas, plans, plenty of room for your own flavour, support, cheerleading, feedback, and some good old-fashioned backside-kicking (if requested!).

Take Note

If you want to put your feet up while someone else ‘does the work’, this is not for you. If you just want to make money selling ‘some-thing’ then this is also not for you. This is about taking part and taking responsibility for you own Thing.

How does this Thing work?

Online and one-to-one...

With a combination of one-to-one time and group sessions you’ll get what you need when and how you need it. You’ll have a one-to-one online video session with Lucy along with ‘virtual’ meet-ups with the group. There will be an online (Facebook) forum and live Q&A every week to give you wrap-around support. Plus online classes, downloads, checklists and other help and every week there is one-to-one accountability (on email) directly with Lucy.

Why 2 Months to Thing?

You know that you need some help. You’d love some support and structure, feedback and ideas and let’s be honest a little bit of accountability never goes amiss, either :)

You know you want to be MORE out there than you are now but you don’t want to a) spend ages working stuff out and b) rather not learn from your own mistakes over and over when you could sidestep a lot of them (can’t guarantee I know everything but I can certainly give you lots of ‘educated advice about things to avoid’ alongside ‘this can work really well, in my experience’ ideas).

If you also like the idea of not ‘being on your own’ while you take these next steps, this is for you. If having a ‘guide’ on hand and a lovely group of cheerleaders too, all shouting: “Go YOU!” appeals, we'd love you to join us for 2 months.

The Details

  • One-to-One A 60-minute one-to-one Clarity session – an online video call with Lucy, to ‘Find your Thing’ (or get super-clear on how to launch it if you already know it). Recorded as MP3 audio
    • Take your Clarity one-to-one session BEFORE (or in the first week at the latest) you start 2 months to Thing
  • Group Backstage live Q&A sessions every week – for hotseats & feedback
    • On Wednesdays at 9am (UK time), hosted online, recorded as an MP3 audio and then available as a download in the Resource Centre afterwards
  • Group A Backstage private Facebook group Forum, for those every day questions, wins, challenges, cheerleading and support. Ask for help every day if you need it Instant Access
  • Book A copy of the Find Your Thing book
  • One-to-One Weekly accountability and actions (submitted via email) replied to directly (and privately) by Lucy. Get personal feedback, strategy and support every single week. Sent out on Fridays for completion, replies from Lucy on Mondays (wherever possible).
  • Group & Online Every Thing for Business: Online classes covering core content and 'extras' to support you doing your Thing – classes updated on request, with a Facebook forum for feedback and questions (an extra chance to network and 'meet' other Thing finders) Instant Access
  • Extra Resources Additional online classes, checklists, audios & downloads in the Resource Centre

What you need to do next:

All places are ‘invitation only’. (I am super-committed to having a group that works brilliantly together, and want to make sure this is right for you right now).

Book a call with Lucy and be ready to get started!

Are you ready to do your Thing?

You will:

  • Find Your Thing (if it's missing!)
  • Get super-clear on your message
  • Set out your Story (& know where to use it)
  • Have a ‘Get Famous Plan’
  • Know how to package & sell your Thing your way
  • Q&As
  • Facebook group
  • Every Thing for Business Build IT

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Want to UPGRADE?

Swap your Clarity Session for a VIP INTENSIVE & extra One-to-One time

2 months to Thing + Half-Day VIP intensive + One-to-One call each month (2 × 30 mins)

* All prices subject to UK VAT where applicable

Here’s what people are saying about Being a Business Celebrity

  • Jennie HKI'd been really struggling and now I've got really clear – for the first time in a very long time I have a plan. Jennie HK
  • Theo Van DortI’ve got so much information in this head of mine as I’ve been trying to work out how to put it into a package so people can buy it. The process has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve been blown away. Theo Van Dort
  • Susannah Brade-WaringReally helped us get clear about where we are and where we need to get to. Susannah Brade-Waring
  • Dave KibbyI have been so frustrated – if you're in a position where it all feels like hard work and too much effort you need Lucy's skills. Dave Kibby
  • Lulu MungurThere’s no-one better to help you get clear on your Thing. Lulu Mungur