30 things to do with your Thing (to sell more of it)

30 ideas and actions to help you create more chances to sell your Thing–by being more visible, more credible and more connected. Nothing too complicated, but you will need to ‘do some-thing’. Do them all or pick and choose, but have 30 things to do in the New Year to get you going again.

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This is about sharing your Thing and standing out more so you get noticed for 30 days. And yes, you can have weekends ‘off’ if you want to (and catch up on Mondays!), you can take each day as it comes, or pick and choose to do what you like the look of (as long as you DO something). None of the things are are super-complicated–they’re definitely not designed to be difficult–but at the same time they’re not magic either, so you do have to do them for them to work!

I’m sharing ideas and actions that will help more people see your Thing, understand what it does, and explain why they might want it, so that you’ll create more connections, credibility and conversations. And then it’s over to you... be ready to convert those conversations into cash! (there is no secret sauce)

How it works

Every day you’ll have a simple set of instructions to explain the idea or action, and then you do it. Told you it wasn’t complicated...

Why you’d want to do it

Any time is a good time to review, revive and reconnect with your market and Thing and the New Year gives us a natural nudge. You may know you need a new plan, or some shoves in the right direction to kick start next year. Or you may know you need to review what’s working and what’s not. What I’m doing is making it easy to work through an action and review process with 30 things to do, so you don’t have to think about what they are.

If you’re looking to refine what already works, this will help you hone your marketing and sales process. If you’re stuck in a bit of a rut, here’s a chance to try out new ideas and see what happens (with help on hand so you get it right for your business).

If you already know you need to ‘do something’ but left to your own devices you might drift, this is an easy option to commit to a plan (that’s not too rigid) whilst meeting new people (as connections are all part of this), and getting feedback and support along the way.

When is it happening?

30-days-in-januaryWe’re kicking off on 2nd January (thought I’d give you a day off to start the month!). Then we have the rest of the month to crack through 30 things. So that’s 2nd–31st January.

It’s the perfect action injection to get you kicking off the New year with an "I know I need a plan but I’d rather not have to work it out myself" option. Put your feet up over the holidays by signing up now, knowing you’ll be nudged into action in the New Year. A new thing to try out every day for a month, all of them designed with the aim of more connections and conversations (which if you’re on the ball will also create cash).

How it works

30-Things-video-screenshotThe 30 Things are delivered via super-short videos from me every day explaining the action, along with a written summary and any supporting materials you might need (a checklist, a template, an example, some more ideas or whatever makes sense). You’ll be able to watch the videos in a private Facebook group AND online in our Resource Centre, and we’ll send you an email every day as a reminder too. I’ll then be ‘around’ in a dedicated Facebook group to answer questions, cajole and connect with you as we work through the 30 things. The added bonus of the Facebook group, of course, is you get a group of cheerleaders (i.e. everyone else doing 30 Things) included for free. The Facebook group will be ‘live’ for the full 30 days.

What next

  • 30 Things £30 +VAT
  • (approx US$37)

Yes, I'd like to join in!

30 Things

If you want to join in, simply hit the button and commit your £30 to the New Year 30 Things and we’ll get you lined up to receive the emails every day and organise you into the Facebook group.


Why isn’t it free?

I know there are lots of lovely people that offer free challenges and courses, but I believe you might then ‘ignore’ the ideas and not feel quite so inclined to take action if you’ve not invested. If you want lots of free ideas from me I do have plenty of them over here in www.lucylovebusiness.com–have a good rummage and I’m sure you’ll find 30 or more actions you can take. BUT what I know makes a difference is committing and taking action and having support around you. It’s MUCH more likely you’ll DO something if you’ve paid for it. And it’s also more likely you’ll take action if you’re surrounded by other people encouraging you (or kicking your behind, if that’s your thing!). I’m in the ‘business’ of Things and you also need to be OK with paying for results (as you’ll be wanting your clients to do the same thing I’m sure!). That said, I’m not charging much, just enough to make you think twice about taking part and commit to doing something (and I’m more interested in you DOING things with your Thing than how many people I get to sign up). I’ve plumped for a simple £1 a day (so £30 total) to make it almost a no-brainer, but with a moment’s hesitation to check your commitment. Sneaky huh? Bit of an "Are you going to do this thing or not?" test. So if you’re in, I’ll see you on the other side of here...

What if I can’t do something EVERY day?

Not a problem (in fact, I’ve not told you this **shhh**, but I actually expect you to miss a few of the actions as we work through the 30 days together–just because they might not suit your Thing, or that you’re busy, or get struck down with ‘germs’, or just fancy a day off, etc.), but they’ll be there for when you need them. Of course, I’d love it if you tried every single idea out, but even if you cherry pick there’ll be a good selection of actions for you to put into practice. Plus you get access to all the 30 things ‘forever’ in the Resource Centre, so you can catch up when you want or rinse and repeat as often as you like.

I’ve not worked out my Thing yet and am starting from scratch...

You do need to know what your Thing is to get the best from these 30 Things (or at least have ‘something’ you do as a business). It might still be ‘helpful’ to try out some new angles to your work, but it’s not designed as a Thing-finding programme (although of course I do offer that–let’s have a chat if you want to know more).

I’m not good at **insert thing you’re not good at here (especially if it’s technical)**

Some of the ideas might ask you to be a little bit technical, some might ask you to write, speak, produce, present, but a LOT of them don’t. If you know it will be too hard to do one of the ideas that day, let us know in the group (it’s bound to be something someone else finds super-easy, so they can help you) or be OK to skip it (don’t apply this rule to EVERY thing, though!). I’m not expecting you to start building new websites and set up complex online marketing funnels in 5 minutes, if that’s a concern... Where at all possible we’ll be going ‘low tech’ and ‘easy’ as the entire point of this exercise is to get things DONE not add more to your To Do list.

What people are saying about Lucy:

Susan Treadgold

I was so impressed with how prepared, energetic, thoughtful, intuitive and creative Lucy was and how thoroughly valuable and spot-on her input was.

Susan Treadgold



Beautifully clarified the confused mess in my head. I feel excited and clear now and cannot wait to bring it all to life. I knew you would deliver the goods!

Jo Bendle

Linda Barbour portrait

Although Lucy has a system, she has a knack of making it work for each individual. You can go at your own speed and she is really good at knowing what your next step should be so the momentum in the groups is great. Excellent value for money and she really does care about each and every person she is working with.

Linda Barbour

Calm For Change - LindaBarbour.co.uk

Chris Payne

Lucy taught an excellent process to help me refine the story that I tell about what I do, and why I do it. Her razor sharp mind came up with some extra twists which took my story to another level still. Brilliant. Thank you Lucy!

Chris Payne


Sally Pepper 280

Lucy is inspirational to listen too and imparts lots of positive energy (even when ranting!). She motivates you to take action and the information I have learnt is very valuable. The experience has been rewarding and enjoyable. If you're not sure exactly what you're supposed to be doing, who you are doing it for or how, Lucy will help you find your Thing. She really is very good!

Sally Pepper

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Henry Matlock portrait

Lucy's brilliance is the perfect blend of intelligence, creativity, warmth, and authenticity. I'm utterly pleased with the outcome.

Henry Matlock

The Writer Igniter

Julia Bramble portrait

I just think everyone should know that Lucy Whittington is a complete and utter star! One conversation I had with her last week could change the way I look at what I do for good!

Julia Bramble


Theo Van Dort Inclusive Video

I’ve got so much information in this head of mine as I’ve been trying to work out how to put it into a package so people can buy it. The process has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve been blown away.

Theo Van Dort



My 'Thing' is a head full of useful things to help you with your business-mostly Marketing but strategy and sales things too.

To start with, I'll help you see the 'Thing' you do that's brilliant, and that no-one else does quite how you do it. Then I'll help you package that up and sell it so your business is brilliantly different. We'll explain your process or philosophy about what you do and how you do it, and that becomes your message.

I'm that person who sees what you don't see in you and your business, can say what you want to say even when you can't find the words, and can package what you didn't think was possible to sell. My Thing is brilliant business things.