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There are questions I get asked ALL the time about Things...

(your Thing being the thing you do that's brilliant and no-one else does the same way you do it by the way)

In fact, I’ve just hosted a live Q&A day for some fab Thing-finders I’ve been working with and these questions came up again! Which I knew they would, as I also host a live Q&A session every week for people working with me too and there's always some recurring themes there.

So I thought I’d share 7 of the most FAQs about Things with you. If you want to check that the Thing you're doing is your Thing thing, or you have questions about building a business doing your Thing, you’ll want to tune in. Join me for a live online video broadcast–no slides, just me talking–and I’ll take you through 7 things that everyone wants to know about their Thing *

* There are, of course, loads more other things people want to know about their Thing and if I get time I’ll answer other questions you have too.

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7 things everyone wants to know about their Thing

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