You know how when you’re doing your Thing and you have a question (or 5) and you’d love an answer, some new ideas, feedback, opinion, a short cut, anything that stops you chasing your tail or feeling stuck (or feeling stuck chasing your tail?).

Well, that’s what the Backstage Business Club is for. It’s where you can ‘hang out’ with other brilliant business owners and entrepreneurs doing their Thing, and ask those questions that let you do it bigger and better and smarter. It’s where you ask those questions that you want to without worrying about what anyone is going to think. It’s where you are supported and encouraged (and yes, sometimes your arse may be kicked a bit). It’s your club and your crowd, and they will cheer you on if you ask them to.

The Backstage Business Club is about spending quality time on quality challenges in your business. Sharing quality advice with quality people, and seeing what's possible. This isn't for learning, this is for doing.

Here's how it works:

Monthly subscription:

£400 per month *

6 Month Special:

£2400 £2k * (6 months for the price of 5)

  • Q&A call every week
  • Accountability and Actions every week
  • Facebook Forum group 24/7
  • Networking
  • Special Deals
conference table
  • Every Day

    Post in the Facebook Forum secret group

    Share wins, challenges, silly stories about what happened with your Thing, shortcuts, and more. Ask questions, request feedback, get opinions or be inspired with ideas. The Facebook group is open 24/7 so post when you want, and wait for your replies. Everyone is here to support you.

    Network with the other members of the club

    This is your club and your connections. It’s so great when you know a team of people who are all behind you, get you and your Thing, and can connect you with everyone they know too...

  • Every Week

    Meet (virtually) for a Q&A

    Same time, online, Wednesdays at 9am (UK time) unless otherwise informed (in plenty of time where that’s possible). So you have a ‘date’ with your Backstage buddies every week to check in, ask questions, share wins, ask for ideas, whatever you need.

    The Q&As are all recorded as audio files (MP3s) so you can listen back any time and you can request 'talked answers' even if you're not able to make it live. You can also download the MP3s to keep and/or listen on the move!

  • The Resource Centre

    Video classes, downloads, checklists and other goodies are kept here as extra resources.

    Get accountability and actions

    Receive an email on Friday asking you about what you’ve achieved, what actions you’re taking, where you’re stuck, and anything else you want a reply to. All forms received by Monday 10am are replied to on Monday, if received after you will get a reply just allow for a little flexibility on the timing :)

    This is your chance to get actions, accountability and answers direct from me and measure and reflect on what’s working. It’s not compulsory but it’s a very nice deadline to get things done for...!

    As and when

    Special deals on Thinging

    If you want to do some one-to-one Thinging with Lucy you'll get super special Backstage only rates... e.g. Half-day intensives for £1500* instead of £2k plus other deals on events as they happen (we'll let you know!).

* All prices subject to UK VAT where applicable

Backstage Business Club: There is no minimum membership period to join but we ask for one full month of notice when you wish to depart–to do so please email

Complete this form if you'd like to join Backstage: