Behind the Scenes of Smal Business Finance School

Join me on a behind-the-scenes ‘tour’ of how we built the Small Business Finance School

I’ll take you through:

  • the planning
  • the content structure
  • decisions we made about format
  • how we got each class made
  • the tech we used (it’s not that techie, you’ll be pleased to know!)
  • why we sold it the way we did
  • and how we’ll be selling it in the future

...and whatever else I remember or am asked a question about.

The LIVE tour has now finished, but you can still watch the recording

Just complete the registration form and we'll email you a link to watch the video recording.

Get your name down for the tour

This is not a one size fits all blueprint but it is a plan you could follow or adapt to suit what you might want to do with taking your know-how and turning it into an online product. And if you join me live, you can ask me any questions you have about the how-to.