**well... it’s been sunny for more than 2 days in a row at the seaside, so I’m calling it**

Fancy a GRAND day out? (at the Seaside, on a boat, sorting your Thing out?)

Never one to resist a fun play on words, I thought I’d do something ‘grand’ for Summer–it’s finally warmed up here at the seaside and I’ve dug out the shorts and sandals and the idea of spending more time on ‘the boat’ is most appealing.

Now, I’ll be honest–this offer is quite a selfish one, because I only get to spend time on the boat when someone books a ‘boat day’. A boat day is a half-day focused session with me working out what you do that’s brilliant and/or how to sell it. I know I could, in theory, rent the boat just for me to write, stare out to sea ‘thinking’ or make calls from but, as I have a perfectly good office at home, that seems like quite an indulgence. BUT if I have some ‘Things’ to do, then bring on the boat days!

Boat days are good for:

  • Working out your Thing
  • Setting out your Process or Philosophy about your Thing (the way it works)... so even if you have a Thing you will have a way of explaining it that your market ‘gets’
  • Establishing who your Thing is for
  • Being clear about how to tell your market about your Thing
  • What to call your Thing (love a bit of name play)
  • How to package up (or unpack and repack) your Thing so it’s easy to sell, and what to sell (that you actually want to sell)
  • Marketing ideas and plans to tell everyone who needs to know all about your Thing
  • Other ideas for your business that will make everything else work
  • Enjoying the view...

I said this was a selfish offer as I want to be on the boat more so, of course, there’s a sweetener to encourage you to join me (apart from all the reasons above ^^ of course):

I’m offering a small number (I don’t like to over indulge) of boat days in June and July for £1k i.e. a ‘grand’ (usually £1.5k).

You don’t get to keep the boat afterwards (neither do I), but you will get a set of flip chart notes, a full recording of the session and all the ideas you can write down. It’s a perfect day out if your Thing is still eluding you, or if you know your Thing but need a refocus on marketing and selling it.

A few questions...

Where is the boat?

Poole, Dorset UK (2 hours on the train plus 10 mins in a taxi from London)–it’s at Saltern’s Marina here:

What time are the sessions?

Usually 10am–1pm (but there’s a bit of wiggle room either way to start a little earlier or later).

Is there homework?

Yes... ideally you fill in my prep sheet before you come, or send me notes on what you want to work on. But if you wanted to rock up and just see what happens that’s also fine with me!

What if getting to the boat is just too tricky?

You can still book a Grand Day Out but not leave your office if you prefer–we can do the 3 hours online via a video call instead. Same price for the session, just no boat or seaside.

What days are available in June and July?

If you’re keen to book but need to check your diary drop me an email here and we’ll give you the latest availability (better still tell us all the days you can do when you email and we can tell you what matches we have).

Oooh, I think I want a boat day but I’m not sure–can I talk to you about it for a bit first?

OK, go on then, get your questions ready and we’ll give you a quick call (email me here)

I’m just starting out/have got halfway though my Thing/have been doing my Thing for ages... will this day be useful?

Yes. Your day is your chance to work with me one to one on whatever you need and wherever you are with your Thing. It’s Yes to all these questions.

Oh no, I’m hiding under a rock in June and July and can’t make it to the boat then, can I book now but have the day another time?

No, sorry this is so I can enjoy sunny days on the boat (it’s still great the rest of the year but this is an offer for June and July days only). Boat days are available all year round so I will be sticking to the time limits. Have another look at your diary and see if you can move the rock?

How do I book?

Grand Day Out

  • Usually £1500 +VAT
  • Grand Day Out offer £1000 +VAT

Buy Now

You can book right here.

Or if you prefer an invoice, email me here with ‘Grand Day Out’ in the subject line, and include your business name and address, and we’ll sort the rest out. Any dates will be in ‘pencil’ until you’ve paid. The deal is available until 31st May end of 6th June (extended) for use in June and July (we can move dates once you’ve paid if you need to)

What people are saying about Lucy:

Susan Treadgold

I was so impressed with how prepared, energetic, thoughtful, intuitive and creative Lucy was and how thoroughly valuable and spot-on her input was.

Susan Treadgold


Beautifully clarified the confused mess in my head. I feel excited and clear now and cannot wait to bring it all to life. I knew you would deliver the goods!

Jo Bendle

Linda Barbour portrait

Although Lucy has a system, she has a knack of making it work for each individual. You can go at your own speed and she is really good at knowing what your next step should be so the momentum in the groups is great. Excellent value for money and she really does care about each and every person she is working with.

Linda Barbour

Calm For Change -

Chris Payne

Lucy taught an excellent process to help me refine the story that I tell about what I do, and why I do it. Her razor sharp mind came up with some extra twists which took my story to another level still. Brilliant. Thank you Lucy!

Chris Payne

Sally Pepper 280

Lucy is inspirational to listen too and imparts lots of positive energy (even when ranting!). She motivates you to take action and the information I have learnt is very valuable. The experience has been rewarding and enjoyable. If you're not sure exactly what you're supposed to be doing, who you are doing it for or how, Lucy will help you find your Thing. She really is very good!

Sally Pepper

The Silent Sales Girl - Helping Independent High Street Shops to Sell More

Henry Matlock portrait

Lucy's brilliance is the perfect blend of intelligence, creativity, warmth, and authenticity. I'm utterly pleased with the outcome.

Henry Matlock

The Writer Igniter

Julia Bramble portrait

I just think everyone should know that Lucy Whittington is a complete and utter star! One conversation I had with her last week could change the way I look at what I do for good!

Julia Bramble

Theo Van Dort Inclusive Video

I’ve got so much information in this head of mine as I’ve been trying to work out how to put it into a package so people can buy it. The process has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve been blown away.

Theo Van Dort


My 'Thing' is a head full of useful things to help you with your business-mostly Marketing but strategy and sales things too.

To start with, I'll help you see the 'Thing' you do that's brilliant, and that no-one else does quite how you do it. Then I'll help you package that up and sell it so your business is brilliantly different. We'll explain your process or philosophy about what you do and how you do it, and that becomes your message.

I'm that person who sees what you don't see in you and your business, can say what you want to say even when you can't find the words, and can package what you didn't think was possible to sell. My Thing is brilliant business things.