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  • Rocktober offer £100 (obviously) +VAT

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Hundred Pound Half Hours

When you click and purchase your half hour, you’ll get sent a link with all the available half hours in Lucy’s diary. DO NOT PANIC if there isn’t a half hour you can do–we’ll extend the sessions into November if needed, and there’s often some ‘room for manoeuvre’ in her diary so we’ll fit you in for sure. But if you see a time that works for you, book that in and make a note of it as that’s now yours!

The stuff you want sorted can be anything you like (business and Thing-related) and we’ll ask you for a few details in advance so Lucy knows what you’d like to focus on so you can get cracking on the call.

(Because these half hours are a super-dooper deal, they are very definitely one per person/business only so no sneaky buying a bunch and adding them together for a half day or something! **we’ll be onto you**)