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December 2017

4 weeks to wrap up and review

What worked, what didn’t, what did you get done and what got missed.

Tie up loose ends, complete outstanding projects, ditch those things that are dragging you down.

Monday 4th December

  • Wrapping ‘Day’ – jump on live with me and get organised with what you need to wrap up and how (3 LIVE 1-hour online sessions to choose from during the day at 9am, 12 and 4pm, hosted on Zoom)
  • Fill in the ‘wrap-up review’ doc, and plan out your 4 weeks left of the year with what needs ticking off (and don’t worry, we don‘t expect to work you too much over the festive period!)

January 2018

Plan for your Thing in 2018

What are your BIG things to get done, and what little things will support that?

Look at each month, quarter, and the year as a whole and map out what you want to have working in your business (and life! – Things aren’t just for the office)

Get ideas, inspiration, focus, feedback and a simple headline plan of action to pin up.

Monday 8th Jan

Image of Careys Manor hotel and its conference facilities

  • 1 LIVE day in the New Forest to spend on your next year plan, including a Thai feast at lunchtime (join virtually if you can’t make it ‘in person’)
  • Complete your ‘big Thing’ action plan (a simple plan to set out your 2018 goals)
  • Add an overnight stay for £110 +VAT (to stay before, after or both)

December & January

Every week

Accountability forms every Friday (replies on Monday)

Every day you need it

A dedicated Facebook group for questions, feedback, ideas, cheerleading and more.