From 6 to 600 people: Find out how to get great results from filling a room

Live interview with Nick James

I was just chatting with my friend Nick this morning (OK, so it was more of a "How the wotsits did you manage that???!!!" grilling, if I’m being honest!) as he’s got some seriously brilliant speakers at his next event (Gary Vee being one of them). Anyway, Nick’s Thing IS events–big ones, small ones and everything in-between. So I’ve booked him in for another ‘chat’ (except I’m inviting you too!) next week so he can tell us how it’s done. I was sneakily trying to take notes today, but next time I’ll blatantly hit 'RECORD' **all in the name of research, of course**

So if you want to know how to run events (big or small) that will help you share and sell your Thing, we’ll see you next week.

This interview has already taken place, but we did record it all.

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How to do events for your Thing - brilliantly

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