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Find your Thing, know what to do with it when you’ve found it, package it up, then market your Thing, sell your Thing, and know what to say about your Thing when you’re asked. In short: Get every-thing you need to get your Thing out there and you getting paid for doing it. Lucy Whittington Thing-finder

And it doesn’t matter if you’re currently ‘working’ and looking to launch a business on the side, or if you’re already running a business (but know it’s either not your Thing business, or you’re not ‘out there’ enough with your Thing)–this is what I help with.

What I do (i.e. my Thing) is help turns Things into businesses that work just right for you. I don’t have a one-size-fits-all ‘blueprint’, but what I do have is a process, and what comes out the other end is always different because every Thing is different. So if you want a ‘paint by numbers’ business model I can’t help you. However, if you’d love to launch your business doing ‘your Thing’, I can help. I love business. I love Things. And what I love the most is helping fab people like you create businesses that are focused on doing and selling a Thing.

So if you like the sound of Things for business, then this is what I’m up to.

Susan Treadgold

I was so impressed with how prepared, energetic, thoughtful, intuitive and creative Lucy was and how thoroughly valuable and spot-on her input was.

Susan Treadgold

The idea:

It’s time for me to update/upgrade/expand/tart-up my online programme–Nail Your Star Value. Currently, it’s a jump from ‘read the book’ to ‘work with me directly’ (and I know that’s not always possible or practical for everyone).

Find Your Thing Book to Lucy

There are bits missing from the current online programme–and the reason I know there are bits missing is down to the hundreds (probably thousands!) of questions I’ve answered as part of running this programme live before, hosting events and retreats, working one-to-one with lovely people on their Thing and running regular Q&As for years.

Linda Barbour portrait

Although Lucy has a system, she has a knack of making it work for each individual. You can go at your own speed and she is really good at knowing what your next step should be so the momentum in the groups is great. Excellent value for money and she really does care about each and every person she is working with.

Linda Barbour

Calm For Change -

The idea is I could go off and build this new revamped and expanded version of my online programme on my own (as like I say, it’s not like I don’t have a veritable vault of Q&As and notes I can refer to). And this will involve me retreating into my Creation Cave (metaphorically) and working away on my own 'til it's ready. The thing about that is... it can be a bit boring! And I know I work MUCH better when I’m ‘live’ as I come up with analogies and stories and explanations that are ‘just right’ when a question is asked ‘on the spot’ (because I can check right away if it hit the spot!). If I’m left to my own devices, there will be some head scratching and ‘wondering’ if I gave you the exact answer you needed. So the easiest (and smartest, I thought) thing to do is get instant feedback and ask for co-creators from the get go.

This is where you come in...

Lucy holding 'Under Construction' sign

This is for you if:

You want the Thing thing (find it, package it, market it and sell it).

You’d love to know how to find your Thing, what to do with it when you’ve found it, how to package it up, how to market your Thing, how to sell your Thing, what to say about your Thing, every-thing in fact to get your Thing out there and you getting paid for doing it.

(Definition of a Thing, btw: this is the Thing you do brilliantly, that no-one else does quite like you do)

The original Nail Your Star Value online programme covers these 5 steps:

  • Find your Thing
  • Have a Fame Name®
  • Interesting Stories Sell
  • Nothing is Impossible
  • Get in your Spotlight

(and if you’ve read ‘Find Your Thing’ the book you’ll recognise these as chapter headings).

You can see I already have a pretty good idea of the ‘extra bits’ that need to be added to the online programme but I also know I’ll need a hand with the details, the depth, and the direction. So who better to ask me the right questions (i.e. the ones you don’t yet know the answers to) than you?

So that’s the plan. I’d love your help and in return you’ll get EXACTLY the information you need to get your Thing organised.

Chris Payne

Lucy taught an excellent process to help me refine the story that I tell about what I do, and why I do it. Her razor sharp mind came up with some extra twists which took my story to another level still. Brilliant. Thank you Lucy!

Chris Payne

Here’s who it’s not for (just to be clear):

If you’re not going to join in that’s not really going to work well on the co-creator front. By all means, take the information and get cracking, but if you’re the strong silent type this isn’t going to work all that well for me (or as well as it could for you). This is a chance to get what you want to know answered–in the detail you want to know it–so you’ll need to ‘take part’. Also (hopefully obviously, but I’ll spell it out anyway!) if you’re not good at ‘doing the work’ and taking yourself to task to get things done, watch videos, read the book, do the exercises, etc. then it’s not for you as you don’t ‘magically’ get the answers just from signing up.

Sally Pepper 280

Lucy is inspirational to listen too and imparts lots of positive energy (even when ranting!). She motivates you to take action and the information I have learnt is very valuable. The experience has been rewarding and enjoyable. If you're not sure exactly what you're supposed to be doing, who you are doing it for or how, Lucy will help you find your Thing. She really is very good!

Sally Pepper

The Silent Sales Girl - Helping Independent High Street Shops to Sell More

Here’s why you’d want to join in:

Of course, first reason you’d want to join in is to get clear on your Thing. Help with finding your Thing if you need that (directions on where to look and how to know when you’ve found it), then all the ‘other stuff’ to make your Thing into a business.

If you already know your Thing it’s worth knowing the 'what to do with your Thing' and business part is the BULK of this programme. Applying the 80:20 rule... the 80% is the marketing, sales, back-end technical, practical, short cuts, here’s what I’ve done so don’t do that/or do that stuff instead, whereas the 20% is Thing-finding know-how (which comes first and is essential but it's not 'every' thing).

You’d also want it because it’s a chance to ‘get involved’ and shape the content to exactly what you need. After this, the programme will be ‘done’ so while it will be a brilliant source of information you won’t have the chance to ask ‘your’ questions and get the answers ‘you’ want created as part of the content. Think of yourself as ‘on the editorial panel’ helping shape the content as I build it if you join in now.

Henry Matlock portrait

Lucy's brilliance is the perfect blend of intelligence, creativity, warmth, and authenticity. I'm utterly pleased with the outcome.

Henry Matlock

The Writer Igniter

You also might want it as it’s a bargain.

While it’s in ‘build’ mode, I couldn’t possibly charge full price (there may be a few rough edges while we get all the content uploaded and organised). Not to mention I’ve got to ‘pay you back’ somehow for the constant barrage of ‘what else do you need to know??’ demands I’ll be sending your way!

Think of it like a ‘beta’ version of the online programme and you’ll get the idea. You get the win of saving £££cash and I get the win of knowing it’s OK to badger you with "Did you get that?", "Did it all make sense?", "What else do I need to explain?", "Would a checklist here help?", etc... (if you’re already thinking that sounds annoying, please do hang on for the ‘finished’ version–you will pay more, but I won’t bother you!).

What to do next:

If you want to join in then here are the details:

The Help Me Build It offer is GBP£325 +VAT (the full price will be £975, so yes that’s you saving 66%, or £650 in ‘real money’). That’s approximately US$460 (compared with US$1375 full price)

There are no payment plans (although there will be when it’s full price) as I figure a whopping great discount is already a good deal. Also, being honest (which is always a good idea if we’re going to be working together), I want you know ‘you’re in’ and raring to get going, rather than be a little ‘hesitant’ and dip your toes in one at a time.

Julia Bramble portrait

I just think everyone should know that Lucy Whittington is a complete and utter star! One conversation I had with her last week could change the way I look at what I do for good!

Julia Bramble

What happens if you say "Yes, I’m in!":

As soon as you’ve paid for your place to 'Build it', we’ll give you access to the original Nail Your Star Value program so you can get started. There will also be other video classes and resources we’ll have already uploaded to the Resource Centre you can take a look at before we get started with the ‘new stuff’.

We’ll add you to the Facebook group ‘forum’ as soon as we’re friends on Facebook and can invite you (look out for us). This means you can ask questions from the get-go if you have them.

The postman will be handed your copy of ‘Find Your Thing’ book (allow a few days for that to reach you).

Then the ‘new’ stuff is happening from 4th May for ‘around’ 6 weeks (there’ll be a week off at the end of May to catch up, take stock, and ‘pause’ a little–also it’s a school holiday, so I’ll have small people photobombing any videos I try and make, so practical reasons for the break too!). Every week, I’ll be creating new content guided by the plan I already have AND all the feedback, ideas, questions and demands you have.

The ‘idea’ is to make a 6-week course but it might take us 8 weeks (with the week off and some extra leeway for recaps and more questions!).

During the ‘build it’ phase I’ll be emailing you, asking for feedback on Facebook or even getting in contact directly to find out what you need that’s missing.

Once we’re done with the live ‘build it’ phase, you’ll still be able ask me questions, get feedback, connect and share ideas in the Facebook group as that membership is ongoing. And your access to the Resource Centre carries on, too (so you can revisit any elements of the program you want to as and when you need to).

Theo Van Dort Inclusive Video

I’ve got so much information in this head of mine as I’ve been trying to work out how to put it into a package so people can buy it. The process has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve been blown away.

Theo Van Dort

What happens next if you do nothing:

You don’t get (a bargain version of) my help finding your Thing or helping you building a brilliant business doing your Thing. You don’t get the chance to help ‘build’ a programme (which essentially means you may miss out on getting the ‘exact’ questions you want answered as video classes).

In the bigger scheme of things (or Things), you don’t get to help all the people who need your Thing if you either don’t know what it is, or can’t reach enough people to tell them about it (and have them buy it). That’s not exclusive to helping me create this new program (it’s a general outcome of ‘not doing your Thing’), BUT here’s a way to make it all happen, happen now, and not cost you a lot.

So if you’re ready to help me co-create Every Thing for Business then I’m ready for you!