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On Tuesday, I shared my thoughts on Things as part of a professional Branding Masterclass hosted by Interesting Talks at the Century Club in London.

And not one to let a good PowerPoint go to waste thought I’d do a live online encore so you can have a listen too if you wanted to find out more about doing your Thing and getting known for it.

We got some rave reviews **yay** but if you couldn’t make it now’s your chance to get the same ‘notes’ as everyone who was there. And if you can’t even make the Encore, you can get the recording instead (make sure you register though so we know to send it to you).

Here’s what I talked about:

"Why doing your Thing is the answer to everything...being a lot easier in your business" by Lucy Whittington

Your Thing is the thing that you do that’s brilliant that no-one else does the way you do it. The problem with your Thing however is while it might be obvious to other people it’s sometimes very tricky to see for yourself. But when you work out your Thing you can immediately build a business around what you’re brilliant at, and get paid for it.

When you know where to look for your Thing it’s a lot easier to find. And then all you need to do is pick apart your Thing so it’s in tangible pieces that can be packaged up and sold. There’s a simple way to ‘imagine’ your Thing that shows you how to create lots of different products and services from it without looking like you have a new idea for a business every 5 minutes!

Consistency is key in any business–we need to consistently know who you are, what you do that’s brilliant, how you do it, and where we can buy it. The key to consistency is not making anything you need to do often feel like a chore–this is especially true in marketing which is why I’ll also explain why you need to find your ‘media thing’.

Here’s why you’ll find out from my interesting business talk:

  • What your Thing is and why you want to build your business doing it (as opposed to simply doing ‘some’ thing to make money)
  • The 2 ways to find your Thing (if you’re still looking for it)
  • What it feels like when you’re doing your Thing (so you know when you’ve found it)
  • How to expand your Thing so you can package it up and sell it
  • All the different ways you can get paid for doing your Thing
  • Why you need to work out your media thing to make your Marketing easier
  • How standing still will make the biggest difference to your sales results

Here’s what people were saying:

The encore is now over, but if you register on the form, we'll email you when the recording is ready