The first rule of Do Your Thing Club:


What Do Your Thing club isn’t

What Do Your Thing club isn’t is classes, competitive one-upmanship and ‘crushing it’. Can’t be arsed any of that exhausting hustle, overwhelm of ‘things not done’, and content overload. This is a club club, for finding a space to have a breather, have conversations, and take a break from ‘busy’. It’s also a club you are proud to be part of, because of the support it gives you and others.

Brilliant people doing their brilliant Thing

In a kind of ‘Avengers Assemble’ way, I want to bring together all the brilliant people I know who are doing their different brilliant Things and support them to do it as big as they want to. I spend so much of my time connecting and championing people, I realised that that is also part of my Thing too. End-of-Nose moment.

Start conversations in the club

You probably already know if you ask me I’ll know ‘just the person’ and it seems daft that I have to wait to be asked when you could just find them ‘in the club’ and start conversations yourself. So here’s my thinking…

I host, you party

My job is to bring brilliant people together and set up some structure that makes the club useful, enjoyable and rewarding. You bring your A game, your Thing and a willingness to join in.

This isn’t a ‘doors open to everyone’ club though. To keep us all engaged it makes sense for me to make sure every member really is doing their Thing (and I will check!) so it keeps the group useful and diverse too. You may already be a big fan of networking and have no qualms joining online conversations, or you may be more reserved and less open to sharing so I’m making sure there’s some membership criteria in place, and mutual respect as standard.

Member Benefits

There is a fee to belong to the club. It’s not mega bucks to join, but it’s not free either. There are some great free groups on Facebook, but we all know if there’s commitment involved (usually of the £cash variety) it makes us pay more attention to things. And I want you to pay attention. I want to build that place you’ve been waiting for when you can ask questions and know everyone who answers is basing their reply on valuable experience, and often it’s their Thing too. I want you to know that when you answer a question you’re able to express fully what you want to say knowing that we’re all respectful of your answer. Mutual respect is a two way street after all.

So while I say there’s no content in the Do Your Thing club, there will be lots of answers collected over time naturally, and actually, I’m going to collate them into a useful ‘library’ for future reference. We can all show off our Thing knowing it’s place to do that confidently. I’m sure we’ll all end up sharing book reviews, articles, recommendations and ‘things we’ve learned’, and again that will be collated. But there are no official ‘classes’ planned, and you won’t need to set aside any specific time to attend anything, just join in as and when you want to. **Overwhelm free zone**

Here’s the criteria for joining the Do Your Thing Club

  1. You’re doing your Thing
  2. You have questions you’d like answers to – not necessarily right this second, but you’d love ‘a place’ to be able to ask business, life and other questions and get great answers
  3. You’ll have conversations, knowing you’ll get as much out as you put in
  4. You’re looking for a community of lovely, smart, brilliant people (and yes you are one of those people before you say anything!)
  5. You’re not looking for classes to add to your to do list (and feel guilty about not doing)
  6. You like the idea of having ad hoc help to hand
  7. You’re OK with sometimes being reminded about how great you are at your Thing (because we all have those days when we’re convinced otherwise…)
  8. You know I’m always up to something so won’t be surprised when I share new things…

WHAT Do Your Thing Club is

  • A Membership Club (£55 Monthly or £550 annually +VAT)
  • A place to get answers – for small or big asks
  • A diverse community of brilliant people all doing their Thing
  • A place for ideas, inspiration, motivation and accountability

HOW Do your Thing Club works

  • You sign up and start to join in
  • I’ll have a call with you to get the latest low down on where you are with your Thing, who you’re helping, where you want to take it, and anything else that’s good for me to know as chief connector in the club
  • Ask any and all questions you’d like answers to in the private Facebook group which will act as our ‘common room’. You can also use the group for accountability by telling us your plans and what you’re going to get done if that helps you crack on.
  • I’ll collate ideas, answers, how to’s and other useful bits and pieces as we go along into a ‘Library’ so you’ll be able to find them if you need them later
  • I’ll host hot seats and Live Q&As online (no set time/days, just watch for announcements)
  • Every week (and you can opt out if you don’t want this) I’ll send you a simple (and short) ‘what you up to?’ email which will ask you a handful of questions about what you’ve got done and have planned for your Thing. This is designed ‘for you’ but I’m more than happy for you to send your answers to me, and if I’ve got something to add then I’ll no doubt do that! Treat this as official or unofficial accountability as and when you want it.

And why am I doing this? (in case you’re wondering!)

The simple answer to this is I’ve missed doing my Thing. I’ve missed seeing what you don’t see, and helping you do more with your Thing (or do less if that’s what you want!). And I don’t do my Thing best alone in my ‘creation cave’ but instead when I’m ‘live’ and answering questions as they are asked, connecting people I know can do bigger Things together, and cheering people on when they need it. I love the energy of a group where everyone has something to bring to the party. A rising tide lifts all boats is a new favourite saying of mine which along with ‘even the best hairdresser can’t cut the back of their own head’ classic explains a lot of the ‘why’.

So this is for me, for you, and for the benefit of all Things.

Do Your Thing Club membership card

You in?

Application closed