Amanda Ruiz

Today I have had an amazing day. I burnt the midnight oil all over the weekend to produce my sales package. Timing was great as I had a scheduled call with Lucy Whittington. She critted the offer and really drilled down to what my offer should be to make it a lot more compelling and dare I say it, we clinched the niche word! Yes, the niche is now firmly established: Improve sales for shops. I feel more like an Alex Pollizzi or Mary Portas (well would like to channel them at least).

So no sooner had I put the phone down to Lucy (I really recommend you schedule a call with her - amazing!) that I had to hot foot it to town to pitch to a retail store in town I followed both the advice on doing the pitch and then went in for the highest value (in all senses) and really hope they go for it as it would be great to work with them and to drive more traffic to their excellent shop. I finished the meeting on a mega high being so grateful to Lucy.

I now have discovered a pot of treasure in Poole, Dorset where Lucy is from. All I can say to any of you out there a bit unsure of your direction, if you need guidance or just simply a sanity check on your business vision and goals, then get in touch.