Julie Johnson

Portrait of Julie Johnson - Reel Leader

Julie Johnson - Reel Leader

I attended Lucy’s ‘Being a Business celebrity’ workshop and this was the catalyst to pinpointing some specific thinking that was conflicting with my business goals and stopping me from fully stepping into my business celebrity.

This simple takeaway, along with confirmation of how I can market in a way that feels right, is easier and more authentically me, have had a profound effect.

In the 4 months since the workshop and with Lucy’s ongoing support I’ve achieved the following:

  • Rebranded my company (from The Leadership Coaching Company to Reel Leader)
  • Set up a new website
  • Devised my own signature programme “5 Steps to your Authentic Future”
  • Run a tele-seminar and a workshop based on this 5 step system
  • And had articles published in 2 local newspapers

Lucy really does know her stuff, but more importantly she works in such a way that you feel understood, challenged in a good way, and fully supported.

I have no hesitation in recommending her work and would like to say a public Thank You to Lucy from me – it’s great to have you in my corner and in my network!