Juliet Parsons

Lucy Whittington is a truly amazing, talented woman who came into my life when I was really struggling to find my authentic marketing voice.

Because of the nature of what I do, I'm able to help others to find their life's mission and then to get an action plan in place to start to apply it to life and career. Isn't it ironic then that, although I was extremely clear about my own mission, I wasn't sure, after months of deliberating, how, exactly, I was going to apply it to my business offerings, in a way that felt totally authentic?

Portrait of Juliet Parsons

Juliet Parsons of absolutelyfabulouslife.com

I knew that a lot of the various 'models' out there didn't sit well with me, but I didn't know where to go with that or what my next step could possibly be if I chose not to use them. In just a 30 minute conversation, Lucy brought me right back to my authentic self (how I like to do things, what I'm great at and what makes me unique) and helped me see, very clearly, the way forward - a way which feels exciting and 'right' and which I know is just bursting with masses of further potential.

I now have a wonderful clarity, focus, excitement & curiosity about how the rest of my business will unfold from this point, together with bigger aspirations than ever before - so watch this space!!