Owen O’Leary

Lucy's gift is that she knows what you need to do.

Owen O'Leary, Oh Really. Portrait

Owen O'Leary, OhReally.co.uk

I've spent years trying different strategies, toying with different careers and dipping my toe into one thing or another.

In just half an hour Lucy got to the root of what I should be doing, what my real passion is and what I needed to do next.

It's incredible but most of us don't know our real passion or worse we do but for some reason ignore it or deny ourselves the happiness we could have by pursuing it. Don't wait a second longer doing that.

With a combination of straight talking and encouragement Lucy gave invaluable advice on what to do next. There wasn't a secret formula but a powerful combination of brilliant insights, a healthy dose of common sense and sound business knowledge.

Thanks Lucy, here's to the exciting times ahead!