Thomas Dowson

Like many people I moved to France chasing a dream. And, like many people I too thought I would be able to have a holiday cottage and a B&B fund the dream. That was just before some difficult personal circumstances and the worst economic downturn in many decades. It soon became abundantly clear to me there was probably a lot more to running a B&B than being a good host and being able to cook good breakfasts. The dream was starting to feel more like a nightmare.

Fortunately at that same time I 'discovered' Lucy on Twitter.

Image of Thomas Dowson

Thomas Dowson,

First, Lucy gave my website a much needed overhaul. The difference was immediately noticeable. This really was, however, just the beginning.

Lucy then gave 'me' a much needed shake-up; after all, I thought I was just an archaeologist who could make beds and boil an egg.

Besides being exceptionally inspirational, Lucy is also very perceptive. With these qualities, she quickly cut to the chase and showed me how I could be genuinely different in what is an overcrowded market.

I remember how in one conversation Lucy set out a short term goal for me with astounding ease. I was a bit taken aback to begin with: Lucy knew my strengths, my interests, my business - and how the proverbial 'whole is greater than the sum of the parts'. No sooner had I a posted the link to the relevant page on my website on Facebook on Twitter, I had one booking.

Thanks to Lucy's persistence and guidance I have been able to develop an identity for my business that is not only truly unique, but is also founded on bringing together what I once thought were unrelated passions of mine - that immediately show results. The upside is my dream is now looking better than I ever imagined it would!