Yvette Nevrkla

Yvette Nevrkla testimonialI first took the opportunity to work with Lucy on one of her VIP days because I was stuck with something in my business that I could see was going to take me forever to work out on my own. Needless to say, within a day I had the clarity I needed to start things moving quickly again.

After that, I grabbed the opportunity to join Lucy’s Backstage Business Club because I wanted more of that clarity that Lucy brings. I hadn’t anticipated just how much value I’d get from the regular group focus days and from connecting with other brilliant business owners and how supportive and energising these meetings would be. It’s not always been the case in past business groups I’ve joined, but it seems that Lucy attracts great people.

Over the last 12 months working with Lucy I’ve been able to make steady progress, I’ve decluttered and streamlined my business, I’ve made some really valuable connections with other Backstage members and I’ve had lots of laughs along the way.