Know you have a book in you? REALLY want to be an author? BUT TOTALLY STUCK ABOUT WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT (or what you do that's different)? You need to...

Find your BOOK 'Thing' and get famous for it!

I've teamed up with the fabulous Book Midwife Mindy Gibbins-Klein to get you clear on your Thing so you're super confident to write your book. If you've been struggling to 'come up with' what you want to write about, and just can't 'see' what it is that you can publish, I'm here to nail that for you - Let's find your Thing so you can get writing.

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You've probably been TOLD you HAVE to WRITE A BOOK to get known, to be an expert, and be 'famous' for what you do. And yes, that works. BUT just writing any old book is NOT going to help you. If you don't know what it is that you do that's different, it won't be any help at all writing a book.

You probably know that The Book Midwife coaching programs have helped over 450 people to write great books in just 90 days. What you may not realise is that the method has a 100% success rate, but only if the author starts out with a clear idea and follows Mindy's award-winning process

Don't even think about writing a book if you don't know what it is that you do!

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Nail Your 'Thing'

It's like just 'doing' lots of marketing, or PR, or advertising. If you don't what it is you do that's different - if you don't know how you stand out - if you don't know your 'Thing' all that effort can be a waste of time (and money!).

Getting clear on WHAT YOU DO (what you REALLY do) makes ALL the difference to you and your business. So don't even think about writing a book until you're clear on that.

Which is probably why you've not written your book yet...

Well good for you!

I know that Mindy only likes working with authors who are super clear about what they do and definitely doesn't want you writing 'any old book'.

So find Your 'Thing' and you'll be ready for Mindy's coaching program with total confidence!

What is your Thing?

Your ‘Thing’ is your expertise, your topic, your angle, what you know and what you do that’s totally unique to you and is yours alone.

Your 'Thing' is what you ‘do’: unconsciously, brilliantly and easily.

If you KNOW you want to write a book but are still saying to yourself:

  • What is it that I do that's different?
  • How can I share what it is that I know... and what is that EXACTLY anyway?!
  • What do I really want to write about...
  • I don't just want to write 'a' book, I want to write 'my' book...

...then you need to find your Book Thing!

My ‘Thing’ is helping people to see what their ‘Thing’ is

Image of Lucy and client on VIP half-day at Harbour Heights hotel

And I do this all the time for business owners, entrepreneurs and people who know they want to do what they are brilliant at and let everyone see them in their spotlight.

The best way I can help you nail your Book Thing is one to one, in person, Thing to Thing! :)

Just spending half a day with me can do that.

HERE’s how it works

  • I’m offering a special ‘Find Your Book Thing’ VIP half day WITH an amazing complimentary bonus of My 5 part audio program - Nail Your Star Value - to get you started right away!
  • My VIP half day is already on special offer (it's WAY less than half the cost of a full day) PLUS Mindy asked if I could include for you my Nail Your Star Value program too!
  • So instead of your investment being £1500 (for a VIP half day) + £297 (for my Nail Your Star Value program) - you get ALL this for just £1k (+VAT). That's it.
  • Image of Lunch on VIP Half-dayYou'll spend 3 hours working one to one with me, totally focused on Finding Your Thing (and in fact there's also an entire 60 minute audio class on Finding Your Thing in the bonus program too, with worksheets & exercises). You'll also get time with me over lunch when we meet (my treat) to get clear on your Fame Name, your Personality Selling Point, and if we have time your Star plan too!
  • You can absolutely get your Thing nailed and what you do super clear, leaving you totally ready to write your book after just this one session.
  • Oh and you ALSO get a 1 hour follow up mentoring call with me too - all included.

Your investment

just £1000 (+VAT)

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Before you birth your book with Mindy - get clear on your Thing

It makes a HUGE difference to your business...

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Sam Russell The Facebook Oracle

Not only did I absolutely and totally Nail My Thing, I also came away with a clear action plan for the next steps.

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Chris Matthews The Love Ur Phone Guy

Lucy had understood exactly what it was I was offering and had 'found my thing', as she so eloquently describes it.

Ben Nash portrait

Ben Nash Come Alive

Lucy gave me the rocket fuel to build a business around my own personality

Bridie Nelson portrait

Bridie Nelson Be a Daring Daisy

By following Lucy’s step by step process, I’ve gained more clarity than ever before.

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Charlie Mulraine Mulraine Sport

If you absolutely know you need to find your 'Thing' book your SPECIAL OFFER VIP half day here *with Nail Your Star Value bonus*

Your investment

just £1000 (+VAT)

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