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AND get an exclusive interview I did where I share EXACTLY how you work out your Fame Name – the sure fire quickest way I know to stand out and get noticed for what you do that’s brilliant.

A Fame Name sells FOR you – acting as a personal headline positioning you as THE person to go to for what you do.

Having a great Fame Name makes a HUGE difference to how you show up in your market, how you are remembered, what people say about you and how you’re ‘seen’ (and found!).

What IS a Fame Name?

Here’s some examples of Fame Names so you know what they are - some are people you might know, others are my clients, all of them are Business Celebrities!:

  • Queen of Shops
  • The Why Parent
  • The Spiritual Personal Trainer
  • The Flow Writer
  • Love Money Mentor
  • The Lazy Coach
  • Business Power Photographer
  • The Decisions Director
  • Facebook Oracle
  • The Juice Master
  • The Business Locksmith
  • True Confidence Teacher
  • The Naked Chef

What a Fame Name gives you (& what it doesn't)

A Fame Name is a personal headline that gets attention and invites people to find out more (just like a headline does in a newspaper or magazine).

A Fame Name is easy to remember, tells us immediately who you are and where you are in the market (are you THE person we want to learn from, work with or buy from?). A Fame Name sets you apart. A Fame Name is what people will Google...

A Fame Name doesn't make you a commodity - you stop being a service where you compete on price. What a Fame Name doesn't give you is a bushel to hide your light under... you are about to get noticed for what you do that's brilliant!

Attract clients easily & make sales simple

If you can work out a Fame Name that describes you doing your Thing (what you do that's brilliant) you have something super powerful to use in your marketing. When I say you can attract new clients easily – this is how you can make that happen.

You'll be remembered as THE person who does what you (so you can stop worrying about the competition too).

Don't think you need a Fame Name?

Well here's something you need to know - EVERYONE has a Fame Name. The thing to note about a Fame Name is… if you don’t choose your own then your market will give you one – and that’s called a nickname (and isn’t always the marketing vehicle you might want!).


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