Make your marketing and sales shine

Clean up your customer journey and grow your business

Simplify and smooth out your marketing so it’s easy to do, and gets you the clients you want.
If you feel your sales are stuck and need a rethink, you know a change in marketing direction is required, or it’s time to launch something new, say hello to MOPS.
MOPS is tidying up what’s already working, and adding in smart extras that make a difference. Forget overwhelm and trying to do ‘all the things’, instead do the right things for your business you’ll get great results.
MOPS is a commercially-focused review and plan for your business to clean up your marketing and sales. Expect clarity, focus, ideas, reflections and a plan that’s actually doable.
Lucy Whittington

Introducing MOPS


Your outcome, result or value

Why, how, where, what, who for, and why you do what you do exactly the way you do it.


Your core product and service(s)

The value you provide, the results you create. What’s really working.


Where you are in the market

Your category, place and relevance. Be very clear what you ‘own’ and do differently.

Sales Process

Your customer journey

From first impressions to lasting loyalty, make it easy for the right clients to buy from you.

How the MOPS Process Works

  • Review: Taking a close look at where you are right now with your MESSAGE, OFFER, POSITIONING and SALES PROCESS
  • Write-up: All the notes and ideas from your Review session written up ready for discussion and turning into actions
  • Sign-off: Working through your Review Write-up to decide what actions to include in your MOPS plan
  • Plan: Putting your agreed MOPS actions into a plan and timeline
  • Do: Get MOPS done. Check-ins, reminders and accountability to get your Plan done
Lucy Whittington
Image of Andrew Garvey, CCO of Countingup

Andrew Garvey

CCO, Countingup

Lucy cuts through a lot of the noise to find a really good plan - and then she delivers the plan.

Lucy helped us position our core message really simply and clearly.

I enjoy working with Lucy. I like her ability to get to the core of the issue.

She’s able to absorb lots of information and dismiss what isn’t essential to focus on what is. There’s no ‘waffle’. She has a clear vision and she plays well with the rest of the team.

She understands the strategic and can implement the tactical.

MOPS in more detail:

Review, Write-up, Sign-off and Plan

Clarity is on its way... here’s where you get my experience, insight and intuition focused directly on your business.

I’ll say what I see — I call this being ‘nicely blunt’ — but always with good intentions.

We’ll figure out together what’s going to work best for YOUR business because there’s not one plan for everyone.

We’ll take things apart and put them back together again, leaving out the bits you don’t need, and adding in new things that work better — then you’re ready to focus.


A half-day* (3 hours) with me to walk through where you are now, what your challenges are, and where you want to be. We’ll give your business the once over and work out what to keep and polish, and what’s no longer needed.

We’ll go through MOPS by category, covering every part of your sales and marketing. Flag problems, set outcomes and be clear on what you have now and what’s missing. Expect fast talking, and idea grenades exploding!


A written version of your Review, with added ideas and notes. Includes discussion points, recommendations and options to consider.

You’ll get this back to read and add comments to.


Sessions with me to talk through your Write-up (usually 2) with thinking time in between. At the end of Sign-off, we’ll have a clear set of actions for your MOPS plan. The right ideas will be ready to get done.


This is your To-Do list of MOPS actions. You’ll get:

  • ACTION PLAN: a Trello board with ALL your actions from your MOPS Write-up.
  • 90-DAY PLAN: a Trello board to help you focus on what to do first.
  • TIMELINE: a suggested 90-DAY Timeline in a shared online spreadsheet to fit around the time and resources you have available to get your MOPS actions done.
  • Maria Watson - The Details Director
    Your MOPS Plans and Timeline are compiled by my project managing secret weapon Maria – The Details Director. She may request a call with you, too, if she needs more details to get your plan done.


How we can help you get MOPS done once you have your plan.

Do Unlimited


Access to Lucy to answer questions, give feedback, and review ideas.

  • Weekly check ins:

    Weekly prompts on email to check in online for you to share your progress, and highlight where you may want some help.

  • Help:

    If you need a how-to, checklist, video or written explainer, we’ll create and share that with you.

  • Direct Feedback:

    Access to Lucy to answer questions and and review ideas ‘on demand’ . Get ‘unlimited’ written replies, voice notes or jump on a call if that works best.

Office hours apply

Do Unlimited

Advice + Actions

All of Do Unlimited Advice from Lucy with added accountability and actions focus from Maria.

  • Weekly check ins:

    Weekly prompts on email to check in online for you to share your progress, and highlight where you may want some help.

  • Help:

    If you need a how-to, checklist, video or written explainer, we’ll create and share that with you.

  • Direct Feedback:

    Access to Lucy to answer questions and and review ideas ‘on demand’ . Get ‘unlimited’ written replies, voice notes or jump on a call if that works best.

  • Monthly Actions Review:

    Monthly call with Maria to review and refocus your 90-day action plan.

  • Weekly Actions Summary:

    Weekly personal actions review by Maria and an email of the week’s tasks to keep you on track. This keeps you focused and out of overwhelm, and actions will reflect the time you have available each week.

  • Action Plan Updates:

    Your 90-day plan in Trello is reviewed and updated every week.

Image of Richard Kennell, CEO of SOFEA

Richard Kennell

CEO, SOFEA (Not for profit)

I would recommend Lucy to anyone.

What I think I valued most is the genuine interest in and enthusiasm Lucy showed for our project. The personal, professional relationship she builds but not only enables her to do her job really well but also makes working together a very positive experience. I would recommend Lucy to anyone.

Almost immediately the website went live we were getting far more traffic than we'd had previously, ...and much better conversion.

Find Out More

Ask a question, get the full MOPS brochure for more details and pricing, or request a call

Image of Scott Erwin, CEO of Hirehand

Scott Erwin

CEO, Hirehand (SAAS)

Lucy is hugely charming and hugely credible.

What Lucy has done is give us a clearer way of talking about who we are as a business and what we do, which has manifested itself in sales conversations and strategic partnerships.

Someone who goes beyond the pure marketing channel to the entire sales process. Lucy is a total commercial player and sees across the commercial field.

About Lucy Whittington

Combining marketing, sales and strategy, I give business owners clarity on what they do best: sharing easier, simpler or smarter ways to grow their business.

I’ve worked with start-ups through to PLCs. I haven’t run out of marketing ideas yet, and love making things work better. MBA qualified, and 25+ years experience of business have got me to here.

MOPS is my take on the most important elements of sales & marketing that make the biggest difference.

I work best 'thinking out loud' and also get great ideas out walking. I live at the seaside so I'm often at the beach walking and working things out.

Image of Lee Hill, CEO of InsightfulUX

Lee Hill

CEO, InsightfulUX (Agency)

Lucy's got this rare ability of knowing what needs to be done and how to do it - it seems almost instinctive.

She's also able to back what she says with great clarity and she's not shy about calling you out if she thinks you’re missing something. I really like that about her.

She's got that wider business acumen – that commerciality - you need.

She will open your eyes to things you've not considered - things you haven't thought about that will prove to be essential to your success.