Stop doing what you're good at!

Find out why doing what you're brilliant at instead will make your marketing easy & your sales effortless.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to stand out but have trouble explaining easily to people what you do so you stick in their minds
  • You're not super confident that you're unique in your market
  • Your marketing is hard work and you're fed up or overwhelmed with what to do next
  • Business isn't really lots of fun for you right now, and you just wish you could do more of what you love to do
  • You sometimes worry your clients could go elsewhere for the product or service they get from you
  • When people look at your website they don't see you immediately and don't always 'get' why you are the best choice for them, even though you know you are!
  • You want to get better results right now, and want it to be easy and enjoyable!

If any of this has you nodding then you definitely need to apply for the FREE 30 minute Stand out like a Business Celebrity consultation right now!

If you're ready to get noticed as a business celebrity, you need to find your 'Thing' and get famous for it. I work with business owners and entrepreneurs who are stuck or not super clear what it is they do that's brilliant, and this is making the marketing hard work, their sales an effort and their business a struggle.

And I know it's hard to see your 'Thing'. I always say to people that it's usually on the end of your nose it's that close (but if you try and look at the end of your own nose now - go on - have a look - yup, you can't actually see it!). But if you hold a mirror up in front of you, then the tip of your nose is plain to see. I work like that mirror - reflecting back to you what you do that's amazing.

Once you know your 'Thing' everything falls into place. If right now you just know you're not quite 'there' apply for the free session.

Don't be shy!

It doesn't matter if you are a little nervous (or a lot scared!) about stepping into your spotlight.

Being a Business Celebrity doesn't necessarily mean you have to stand on stages in front of thousands of people (although it might get to that if you want it to!). Instead be assured that Being a Business Celebrity is an approach, a state of mind, a strategy.

It's about being that 'go to' person in your market so you reverse the direction of your efforts from pushy shouting sales to attraction and 'pull' marketing and visibility.

Can you see the difference this change of direction would make in your life?

This is how you make things easy - you use the energy you have for 'shouting' about what you do, and re-purpose it to be about 'presenting' you, and having people come to you.

So apply today and start standing out!

Stop doing what you're good at and start doing what you're brilliant at. Nail exactly what you do that only you can, in the way you do it. Then use your star value to propel your business forward with its own energy.

Julie Johnson portrait

Julie Johnson

Lucy really does know her stuff, but more importantly she works in such a way that you feel understood, challenged in a good way, and fully supported.

This has had a profound effect on my business

Chris Matthews portrait

Chris Matthews

Lucy understood exactly what it was I was offering and had 'found my thing', as she so eloquently describes it.

Within an astonishingly short timescale Lucy clarified for me the personality of my business, helped me understand the nature of the transformation I provided for my clients and developed a strategy to get my business visible quickly.

I now have a business personality that I am confident and comfortable with which would have taken me months if not years to develop by myself.

This is the only training I know that shows you how to stand out in your market for 'doing your thing'. This isn't an 'assembly line' marketing formula or tricky system – this is about you making YOU stand out for being you. That can't be copied.

Juliet Parsons portrait

Juliet Parsons

Lucy Whittington is a truly amazing, talented woman who came into my life when I was really struggling to find my authentic marketing voice.

I now have a wonderful clarity, focus, excitement & curiosity about how the rest of my business will unfold from this point, together with bigger aspirations than ever before.

Ben Nash portrait

Ben Nash

Lucy gave me the rocket fuel to build a business around my own personality.

Just getting my marketing materials RIGHT... and them being ME is a huge step, a huge saving of time just because I have failed so often and taken so long trying to get things right, Lucy's guidance has not only kept me on track but reminded me to be authentic and real.

As far as results I have my first 2 clients on board and which is a huge jump as it was something I never believed prior to working with Lucy.

Jo Belfield portrait

Jo Belfield

Lucy is a true one-woman dynamo!

Her skill is to distill all the clutter, conflicting opinions and doubt in your brain and help you find the place where your unique personality and your business interests meet.

She gave me and my business much more focus, confidence and clarity.