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About the podcast

Join Lucy and other business owners sharing what’s brilliant about their business - what works, what doesn’t, and what’s next. Feel at home with fellow business owners who are also figuring things out, trying new things, and sharing what’s brilliant for them.
Always ready to ask a direct (blunt) question, expect to find out exactly how things work for other business owners. Pull up a chair at our audio table and listen in as we pick things apart. There will be brilliant things to discover and learn from. And no doubt a few funny stories about what definitely wasn’t brilliant!
Knowing you’re not the only one who might question themselves, their business plan, life, the universe and everything can be reassuring. So please join us, as we chat through how we handle things - good and bad.
There’s even the option to submit your own ‘problem’ for the “Business Agony Aunt” (Lucy!).
Get helpful business advice and experience, personal stories and practical examples all in one podcast.

About you

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As a business owner or founder you're still ‘in charge’ of most things and running the show. You might call yourself an SME but we know that’s quite a broad brush of businesses. Essentially you’re ‘not a Corporate’.

You might be a start-up, your might be a scale-up, or your might be a lifestyle business and anywhere in between.

Whatever stage of business, you’re curious and always on the lookout for new ideas and things to help your business work better.

You ask questions like:

What’s next? How do I...? I wonder if...? Has anyone tried this before...? Why is this not working? Ugh I’ve had enough! What’s the best way to...? Please tell me it’s not just me...!

We want you to feel like you’re ‘among friends’ and business pals who remind you that you’re not on their own feeling and thinking the way you do. And that there’s always something new to learn, even if it’s not to do THAT thing!

About your podcast host Lucy Whittington

Marketer, Author, Speaker, Seasider and Mum (2 humans, 2 cats).

Talks to anyone (everyone) which is helpful as a podcast host.

Combines marketing, sales and strategy experience to give business owners clarity on the Thing they do best: sharing easier, simpler or smarter ways to grow their business.

Lucy’s worked with start-ups through PLCs and hasn’t run out of marketing ideas yet. She got an MBA along the way but it’s the (many!) years of experience that taught her the most.

MOPS – Message, Offer, Positioning and Sales process – is her take on the most important elements of sales and marketing that make the biggest difference to a business.

And when she’s not doing brilliant business things, it’s strolling in the sunshine at the seaside, laughing at her own jokes and scoffing dark chocolate that Lucy loves best.